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Why can't I do it my self ?

That is an excellent question. Some people do build their own web sites. There are product reviews in almost every computer magazine for new web construction tools. It is so tempting! How hard can it be? Well, the answer depends on how professional you would like the finished product to be, how much money you're willing to spend, and how long you're willing to wait.

A combination of the best software tools alone will cost you close to $1500+ Then you'll either need a training course or two on how to use them all, and use them together to achieve the desired results, or you need to spend at least a few dozen hours with trial and error. A course on your image editing package is a must! You'll also need to read a book on good site design to avoid "beginner" mistakes. Another book on HTML... you'll need one that covers how to design pages that look good on any browser, on any platform, in any resolution, at any color depth. And don't forget to build a few sites for practice... there's no substitute for experience!

With four to six months of your time and several thousand dollars spent, you'll finally be ready to begin building your own "professional-looking" web site. Although we might exaggerate certain elements a little bit, it should show you that you need to spend lot of effort and money before you are able to lay out and build your very own web site graphics and Programming codes. What we recommend is that you focus on your business and the message you want to deliver with the site. That is what YOU know best! And netDon will handle the art and science of building a good web site. That's what our designers do best. Working together, you'll have a better site, in less time, at a lower cost. And a lot less aggravation! Still not convinced? Well just take a look at our prices!

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Enhance your professional image to your clients
Provide 24 hour online services for the convenience of your clients
Advertise your products and/or services globally and locally
Level the playing field with your competitors and expand your centers of influence
Capture more of the transferee market
Ability to announce NEW services or products immediately with very little advertising expense
Test market NEW ideas and receive instant feedback via online questionnaires

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